Featured Ingredients

This herbaceous plant is known for its relaxing and refreshing aroma. First used in ancient Rome, Lavender’s antioxidant, calming effects have made it an effective whole-body treatment.
Reminiscent of warm summer sunshine, the bright and glowy Apricot is more than just a juicy, velvety fruit. Filled with powerful antioxidants including Vitamins A & C, this stone fruit is one of the best better-for-you ingredients out there.
With over 240 varieties throughout the world, this unique plant is lush in color and rich in benefits. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and humectants, the gel-like juice found inside Aloe Vera works wonders for hydrating and soothing skin. 
Native to a small region in Australia, the Tea Tree plant is well known for its refreshing aroma. The oil derived from its leaves works wonders for dry, itchy skin and scalp.
Harnessed for its health and wellness benefits, the Coconut is ripe with possibilities. From its meaty interior to its rich milk, multi-purpose oil, and hydrating water, this super fruit does wonders for the whole body.
Derived from many recognizable plant sources, Vitamin E Oil is a rich source of hydrating nourishment. From relieving and nourishing dry skin to helping minimize the appearance of fine lines, this oil has even been known to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.